Prostitution as a Profession - Is It Really An Option?

Suppose you've actually considered selling yourself, in other words, trading sexual favors for money. You know men are willing to spend a lot for a few minutes of pleasure. You might have gone on places like Craig's List, hunted for the "erotic services" classification and read the ads. Women are charging 100 to 200 "roses" for an hour. You've said to yourself, that's pretty damn good. I'm making $10 an hour working for that jerk at the office. I've got a nice build and I like sex okay. What's stopping me? Well, you should know a bit about your profession first. Here are some statistics to ponder. They are from United States studies.  

There are many arrests, mostly of the pros working on the street. 70% of all who are busted are females versus males or customers. A large majority of those are black. The larger cities have more in-call busts, 10 to 20% of the total, where the smaller towns have more on-the-street. Substance abuse among street-walkers runs up to 50%. Over half were already drug-users before becoming prostitutes. Over 90% of pros were victims of incest or sexual abuse in their past. Surprisingly, the average age of entry into prostitution is 13 or 14 years. Men want their partners to be as young as possible. Although prostitution is illegal, the minimum age is considered to be 18 for adult or erotic services, whatever that means. In one survey, 70% of all adult men reported using a pro at least once. 50% of them were married. 60% of all pros say they were victims of an assault. One report states that a pro is raped about once every week. 20% of those say it was from the police.

The average cost to make an arrest is $2000. A 1987 study says that New York city spent 23 million dollars that year to combat prostitution, bout 40 million in today's dollars. Some think they were worried about pros spreading STD's. But studies show that only 3 to 5% of sexually transmitted diseases are linked back to pros. Most probably because they insist their clients use condoms, the study suggests. What can a pro make? If a customer were to pay $300 with tips and at two per day with 15 days on and 6 off, you could assume a minimum of $50,000 a year with many making six figures. But then there are house costs, or pimp fees above that. Add on police fines and attorneys fees. So, what do you think? Is it still an attractive offer?

In ancient Greece, you could have been a Hetairae, one of the recognized classes of pros back then. The Hetairae were the most important women in Greece, and the most important sex workers in the entire history of Earth. Hetairae were thoroughly educated and free to leave their homes to see plays, attend banquets, or debate philosophy and politics with the more learned men. Through ancient writings and pictures, one can now state conceivably that Hetairae have generated more amount of pleasure than any women in the world until the era around 3400 BC, when historic bookkeeping began.

In the present day, Nevada is currently the only US state where it is legal and regulated. Today, prostitution is also legal or allowed without prosecution in Amsterdam, Germany, Greece, Turkey, Denmark, Brazil and Canada.

Am I suggesting you become one? If you are a lady that enjoys multiple partners without any emotional attachment and having any type of man perform a variety of possibly unlikable acts upon you, then this profession is custom-made for you. I guess you can chose the man and eliminate some over the phone, but when they arrive, it's show time. That's regardless of how they look or what they told you, lies and all. According to those that work at the Bunny Ranch in Nevada, it's fun and a terrific way to make money. Of course they have a guarded environment and pay a large portion back their employer. But, suppose you are on your own, where do you start? Have you exhausted all the legal avenues to make money? A good-looking female in today's world has a plethora of options, that are safe and still profitable. That is the course I recommend.

However, you were drawn to this article for a reason. If you've read this far and still interested after all the potentials problems, then there isn't much more to say. You most likely see yourself as the Grecian Goddess from those ancient days, and that's your fantasy. Reality is a whole other issue. The bottom line is that you are really desperate for money and have almost no self-esteem. In that case, consider all the pros and cons. Because there's a good chance that you'll wind up as both.


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